Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busy Holidays! :D

Back for posting...

My blog seems so dead right now after don't know how many donkey years of not blogging!?

Alright,i guess you people are waiting patiently and eagerly to find out what i have been kept busy with for the pass few weeks?Hopefully you don't mind if you find this post a short post because i forgot most of the things

The proper post shall begins now!

To begin with,i shall start with the person whom i am closer to!I am really happy that i have already met my TWINS.SOUL!Alright,i somehow managed to pass my Twins.Soul the present i bought from Hong Kong last year during the year end trip with my clique of friends together along with Ms Lee Bin Choo,Mrs Carol Yap And Mr Koh Beng Chuan.I even passed the Christmas present to my Twins.Soul as well but somehow me,being the dumb ass,forgot to bring along the birthday present for this year!I admit i am getting old!LOL!

Didn't get to talk to my Twins.Soul for long because my Twins.Soul is working.I am glad that my Twins.Soul even came to ask me for advices on relationship problems.That goes to show my Twins.Soul still remembers me!(:

I am going to arrange to meet my Twins.Soul soon but of course,before the coming Chinese New Year!Oh yeah,by the way,if until now,you still don't know who my Twins.Soul is than too bad for you!As long as he/she knows can already but i believed two of my best friends out of about twelve of them know who he/she is! :D

Coming up next,let's talk about Saints Rugby Social Group Rugby Trainings!The trainings is on every saturday at St Andrew's Synthetic Rugby Field from 4pm to 6pm without fail no matter rain or shine!So far the trainings was fun and enjoyable and learned quite a few new things from the Old Boys!I even learned about what's going on in the working society and a few tips to them as to which occupation i should go into upon the completion of my studies.Is really fun chatting with them and at times they do joke around too!Is really great knowing you guys!Needless to mention,there's bad things i learned from them as well! :D

Shall just name a few here,sorry if your name dosen't appear here because i don't really know all of you yet! :P

Coach Slemat Michael Adrian Cliff Eddy Jay Jeffrey Leong Heng Mark Phillip Randall Sunny

Next up was about yesterday's bbq at Timothy's house to celebrate Yi Wei's birthday in advance.Everything went smoothly and we had fun too and the best part was i managed to get a slice of cake into Yi Wei's face!I did it!(:

Finally is that i am currently having about 2-3 major projects on hand and there's a lot more to do for both projects!?Hopefully i can get them completed before Chinese New Year '09!?

I guess i shall stop here for now because i am too tired to continue blogging anymore?Going to bed really really soon!


Alright,time check now is 12.58am!I took 3 hours 54 minutes just to blog this short post and what's more i didn't bother to upload photos!OMG!

Nights & Sweet Dreams!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm Feeling So Dead! D:


This week is going to be a hectic week for me due to my busy schedule.I've got a few projects on hand that i have to get it done as soon as possible and yet i haven't even get started on any of the projects yet.

Firstly is the SASJAB Recruitment Drive 2009 Budget which i have no idea am i supposed to like budget for?No one told me to budget for anything so i shall take it as the people involved are going to have the recruitment drive execute out without having any monetary terms involved?

Next up is the overseas trip that my lecturer asked me to organise for the students in De Vine Centre and yet i haven't even check out quotations etc.What's more is two overseas trips leh!I only have the countries in mind for the overseas trips!One of them shall be Australia,mainly,Sydney & Melbourne!The other country shall be New Zealand i think?Oh well,both are expensive countries if you do notice!Well,Francis only told me to organise and plan out everything but didn't specifically told me to choose cheaper countries mah!:D

Lastly is the school overseas trip with the secondary school teachers.For this i really have no idea where to go because both countries stated above i will be going as well and so for this i don't know at all!Shall asked Calvin,Shaun,Jonald and a few others of where they planned to go?I think they wanna go Japan?Forget it!Wait till all are back from overseas!

For this week,i seriously didn't know why am i that busy uh?Yesterday stayed home because my dad got someone to service the air-con and my mum went out leaving that younger brother of mine at home for me to look after.For the whole of today,he's been trying to sing some songs but i just find it so retarded for i have no idea what's he singing?

For today will be having a meeting in Singapore Cricket Club for a meeting with some people and perhaps dining over there too!Got to be there by 2pm and i wonder if i can even wake up later given that i have been sleeping at around 5am each day?!So kudos to me for i guess i am gonna be late!:D

Tomorrow i guess i have nothing on i think?Got to stay home and start digging stuffs out from my drawers because got to find an important document to be submitted to Singapore Sports Council long ago and i guessed i forgot due to preparation for my 'O' levels?Tidying up my room as well and throwing away books!

Thursday.Meeting Shaun at his house.Gonna have much fun there!Will be doing up my new blog over there and hopefully can do up my blog within that few hours?After that playing Fifa '09 with him.After that i have no idea?Shaun said wanna try something and till now he haven't told me yet or rather he himself don't even know what is it that he wanna try out?!=.=

Friday is a hell day for me.Most likley meeting Francis in the morning first to discuss some things.Followed by lunch or perhaps even skipping lunch?Another meeting at 1pm and i seriously have no idea what time the meeting is going to end?I have a feeling that it is gonna be 6-7 hours?If you know who the speaker is,you get what i meant!

Saturday,another meeting.Woah,screw the meetings man!Is never ever fun having meetings if you think that is so cool having meetings as though you are some popular figure in the world?Got to be back in school by 5pm for rugby training and hopefully i can really make it down for the rugby training.Hope so!:D

Sunday,i don't know what's on for me?Got to ask my dad!

I guess that's all for now?Won't be blogging for the next few days!?But i will be back to reply tags if there's any!




Saturday, November 29, 2008

1 Yellow Card & 1 Red Card Just In One Game! :(

Today was the worst day of my life in the past 17 years i had lived in in this damn world!

Today was the friendly match with ACS(Int) against our school SA.Took a cab down to school because lazy to take bus.Changed up than go air-con room sleep for awhile,woke up and washed up.Start to warm up and got started with training.

Took a break and off we go into the field!Let the referee to do a spot check from head to toe first.After that prepared ourselves by getting into the poisitions and there goes the whistle.Things looked smoothly on us as we scored the first try into the 7th minute.We scored quite a few trys before i got a yellow card from the referee during the 23th minute and off the field for 10 minutes before coming back into the field again to carry on playing the game.


Briefing form rugby coach and off into the second phase of the game.While amazing!I scored the first try for the second half by making a thorough break-through the opponent team's backline defence sprinting with a distance of 21m in their territory!Going into the 61st minunte i got a red card for aggressive tackle which it isn't at all an aggressive tackle,the referee can't tell the difference is it?

Got sent off the field!But lucky i not playing for any season or will be damn unlucky la!In just one day and in one game,i got both a yellow card and red card!

Forget about it,don't wanna talk more about it anymore,that's all for now!Byes!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cycling At East Coast Park! :)

Let's rewind the time back to yesterday!

Woke up around 8am and washed up.Took a cab down to HPB for an appointment for blood test.When i reached there and told the staff nurse that i had an appointment at 9am and told me to take a queue number.I told them that i had been fasting for like don't know how many hours and they told me the rest of the people too!Screw it!

I waited for almost two whole bloody hours and it came to my turn at last!And it took me lesss than a minute?What the fuck!I waited for two hours only just for a less than a minute blood test?!

Oh well,back to today.Today was so fun having an outing with Shaun,Karl,Jeremy & Jerome.Jimmy,Dhinesh,Jonald,Yi Wei & Kiren had something on and so couldn't join us.Headed to Shaun's house first than meet up with the rest at Boon Keng MRT.From that took a bus down to Parkway Parade and a few minutes walk to East Coast Park.

Went to rent bikes and it was firt cheap!I paid like $7 just for an hour + another hour + another hour and a bottle of mineral water!Cheap isn't it?!To me is cheap but not to the other four.Cycled to one end of the park first and we went as far as going out of East Coast Park and almost into Changi Airport!-.- All thanks to Shaun!But as we cycled we did something real retarded let me tell you.We formed a duck formation while cycling and when it is formed,we started quacking like a duck?!

Cycled to one of the food court for lunch and we ate pretty fast while Jeorme is still choosing what food to buy.When he was about to start eating,we are already done eating!:D

After lunch cycled to the other end but didn't managed to complete it.On our way back to return the bikes,Shaun's bike almost collided with another cyclist and he said Shaun dosen't know how to cycle?I guess he's the one who dosen't know how to cycle instead?Because he is cyling on a road bike and if he's that good shouldn't he be riding on the road instead of on the track at East Coast Park?Stupid fool!Well,Shaun shouted the word *ahem* the body part of a girl.

But i'm a good boy!I didn't scold any vulgarities leh and RICHMOND IS INNOCENT!-_-

Oh,did i mentioned why the other four fellows felt that bike rental fees wasn't cheap at all form their point of view?Reason being is that their chains came off quite a few times i think except for mine!:) The first bike with the chain off the bike's gear was Shaun's when we were almost heading into Changi Airport and decided to turn back at that time.I helped him to fixed back one leh and end up m hand was full of grease.The rental shop used grease like no need money one leh,very rich hor?A target for you to rob that shop ok?!:P

After 3 hours of cycling,our ass hurts man!Especially mine because the seat sucks!Is a new bike and there isn't any cushion as well.Went to Macdonalds to grab a drink and slacked for awhile.Took a bus back together to Boon Keng MRT.From there went seperate ways.Went to Shuan's house again and slacked before going home.That's all for now i think?

Nights people!


Friday, November 21, 2008

LCCI MYOB Computerised Accounting Exams Are Over!

Yesterday was the last day of the LCCI MYOB Computerised Accounting Course and the exams took place in the afternoon after lunch.The exam was super easy though i didn't reconcile the accounts and too lazy to be bothered to do it!:D And so i got to wait for 3 months as well for this to get my results back and same for my 'O' Levels results!

And so for now,there's nothing for me to do for the next few days until next tuesday i think?There's no rugby training today because Coach Marcus Yeo said is rest day for all ruggers!That's what i wanted!:P

As for saturday,no idea if i can attend old boys' trainings as i will be attending meetings from 8am till don't know what time in the evening?

Perhaps during this time i should just slack from this week onwards till the end of November!:D Got to make a trip down to Singapore Sports Council HQ someday to get a job over there.

Followed by most likely i will be doing my LCCI Diploma even before my 'O' Levels results are even out yet?Isn't that a good idea?While everyone's in school next year,perhaps i will be in NS already and coming out looking for a job next!:)

Well,that's all for now.
Going off right now & shall find things to do tomorrow?
Byes earthlings:)


Monday, November 17, 2008

First Day Of Course & I Survived! :D

Today's the first day of the LCCI MYOB Computerised Accounting Course!The course was so totally damn bored today and whatever we learned is already what we studied for 'O' levels!=.=

What i mentioned is the fact and the difference is just that we did it using the computer.=.= The lecturer was not bad,kinda jo0ker and full of craps.Oh well,he told me that he was from ACS Barker and told me not to be angry.As you know St Andrew's Rugby and ACSians Rugby dosen't meet eye to eye!But i'm neutral!:)

Though the course was bored but with the lecturer around was more fun!:)Being the ruggers,the two of us have lots of crap to share with uh!The course ended around 3.30pm and that's an hour ahead before the official ending time?!Went with Jonald to Toa Payoh to see stuffs and that's where all the coincidences took place!

First,upon reaching the interchange,we saw Leon Lee.Next went we enter into the HUB,we saw our school participating in the Pushcart Challenge 2008 organised by Republic Polytechnic!We pratically forgotten about them.Went shopping after that and Jonald coincidentally saw his mother's car and trying to avoid her.Saw Leon Lee with his girlfriend this time again coincidentally again!Went COURTS to look around and let me tell this.Going out with Jonald can really kills you,he will bring you to places to see stuffs that he planning to buy in future?

Went to Popular after that to get his things and back to the Pushcart Challenge 2008 again,i just love Jurongville people because they are selling soft toys!:D Coincidentally,i saw my ex-tuition friend from Republic Polytechnic who happened to be one of the judges for today's Pushcart Challenge 2008.But hey,i didn't bribe him at all alright,i don't do that kind of stuffs.

Went home around 6.45pm and took a bath and off to sleep until now.Gonna have dinner/supper now.Byes.:)


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lazy Pig! :D

Nothing much to blog about for today.Too lazy to go out with friends and whole body still aching like hell!Woke up around 10.30am and went back to bed to sleep till 6pm plus.Woke up took a bath and went grandmother's house for dinner with dad and back home now.



Friday, November 14, 2008

Graduation Nite! :D

I'm back home at last after hanging out till the wee hours today since late afternoon yesterday!

Yesterday morning went for gym training with Calvin at Bishan Gym.After one and the half hour of gym went Junction 8 to grab a bite and took bus 54 back home together.Met him again at around 5pm near his house before heading to Raffles Town Club for our Graduation Nite!Guess what?!The two of us were the first to reached there and saw some of the teachers preparing for the Graduation Nite Event!

Waited for quite some time till Shaun,Karl,Kasheef and Jonald came in a cab.LOL!The four of time paid $10 plus for around a 25 minutes ride and yet me and Calvin paid like 45 cents for just barely less than a 10 minutes ride!

Took some photos while waiting for the rest of the teachers and our friends to come.The event started around 7pm and we went in to take a seat.The Graduation Nite started and i shall not elaborate more on what took place within that few hours.I shall just say that the whole thing was bored and so super duper uber horrible,service was so fcuking bad!

After the event went to take photos with some of the teachers and went out after that with Shaun,Keeran,Jimmy,Ben Lai,Jonald,Yi Wei,Dhinesh and Timothy.Went bowling ata Home Team NS at Bukit Batok.We were supposed to go to Bukit Batok Civil Service Club and only people in Shaun's cab went the correct place.Screw the taxi drivers who say they knew the way,what's wrong with these drivers,if they don't really know the way than should have told us!Is not like we are gonna bash them up like that?!!!

Played two games and ended at around 1am.We decided not to go drinking but went for supper instead.When walked out of the place we turned left to the food centre instead!After som etime some of us said is supposed to be the other way but just continued with the journey and see where it lead us too?!When we reached the road junction,was so damn obvious we are on the wrong track so Shaun and me used GPS to locate where in the world are we?After checking we turned back for we went in the opposite direction and hence we had fun walking in the middle of the night with our formal attire just to went searching for a place for supper.By the time we reached a food court,time check,was around 2am.Bought food and had our supper but seems like is a heavy breakfast instead uh?After that cabbed home with Dhinesh,Yi Wei and Ben Lai.Me and Dhinesh dropped off first and i forked out the money again!-.-

Reached home,time check 3am.Took a bath and drank a cup hot water.Time check is 3.28am now and right here i am blogging.Oh well,done blogging and the time now is 4.30am,omg,i took an hour just to blog this post?

Later still meeting up with some of us to go gym training again so gotta go and sleep now!



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'O' Levels Are Finally Over! :D

Time flies!:D

Goodbyes 'O' Levels!:D

It's been a month and 'O' Levels has ended for me!It's time for my holidays!After combined science paper 1 today,stayed in school to play lan till 12 noon,playing Age Of Empire III!The game is now getting more and more bored!

Went out with Jonald and Yi Wei after that for shoppping!Headed to Peninsula Shopping Complex to Canterbury to buy stuffs.I spent a total of $173 using NETS!:D Next went to Funan Digital Mall for lunch at Macdonalds and Yi Wei was making me laughed till my whole body pain!

Shopped around in Funan Digital Mall to see laptops and because of Jonald,me and Yi Wei were walking into shops one after another like some retards and until leg pain.At last,that joker is going into the shop where he wanted to get his things and we spent almost an hour inside because of him again!That joker was slowly choosing his computer games and than go play Red Alert 3!Me and Yi Wei almost wanted to dragged him out of the store without purchasing his games.Headed to Macdonals again to rest and talking jokes again!

Went home around 5pm and went out later at night for dinner again with family and relatives.Changed dinner venue to some place for steamboat!Ate a lot and guess i really got to go gym training tomorrow!

For now,off i go to watch my TV!:D


Friday, November 07, 2008